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Psalm 119:81 KAPH Fainting NOT - Psalms Back to Songs - by DianaDee Osborne

Song 11  out of 22 alphabet songs within Psalm 119
LOVING LIVING WORD - Psalm 119: 81-88

PSALM  119 LLW  81 KAPH Fainting NOT
KAPH is Hebrew for PALM: THE OPEN hand... God extending Himself to us.

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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   
Another psalm whose words just fell into a song pattern … God's guidance. I decided on a simple chorus pattern as a contrast to the dramatic, heart breaking sound of the music for the sad verses... I couldn't imagine how percussion would fit into such a slow, quiet song... but as always, the LORD answered prayers for
my drummer Claxton Wilson, to find just perfect sound to fit the angst of this
sad prayer by King David the Psalmist, whose heart dearly loved God.
Only First half before Verse 1
My God : ….........
My soul faints for Your Salvation,
LORD: In Your Word ALONE is hope.
My soul trusts in Your Salvation Promise
Psalm One-Nineteen: 81, Kaph - FAINTING NOT!
INTERLUDE WITH SCRIPTURES, KAPH section (First time; then skip to Verse 1)

Your judgments are Right and faithful.
I'll search and trust God's HOLY Word.
Revive me that others may see Your Promise: Psalm 119: 81, Kaph -
FAINTING NOT**            * No need to faint when GOD is extending his KAPH,
Open Hand,                             to ALL Who dearly love Him & seek to obey! John 15.

Though I feel dried out and brittle, like a wineskin dried in smoke,
yet I won't forget your statutes. Through my days, I'm Your servant.
When will you judge those who hate me?.... [who]
persecute me pridefully?
They ignore Your Right commandments – dig pits to harm me. > Verse 2

Though I feel their persecutions, I won't forsake Your Precepts.
Though they mock me, hurt me wrongly:You hear my cries, You will help!
Revive me in lovingkindness!
I'll keep Your Word's Testimony! My eyes search Your Word for Truth, and
Your promise: You'll help me.
                                                                               > Chorus 1, then FULL CHORUS, 1 & 2

All Your commandments are faithful... 
I did not forsake Your precepts. ​​Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, 
​​So that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.” - from Psalm 81: 86-88

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