Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bluebird Surprise Prayer (song lyrics), by DianaDee Osborne


This FUTURE song's Draft Lyrics (music not yet completed) is subject to change.

ALBUM:      Amazing Creator 'n' Critters
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Song Story:  An actual prayer.  An actual embarrassment.  An actual realization:  If WE care about something,  our loving God does also! That's what friends do...
John 15 and John 15, Jesus's words.  AND that's what WE do... care about the things God cares about.
Dedicated to our Creator God, 17 May 2010

It was a dumb prayer _ _ more like a wish _ as
I was praying, I suddenly _ thought this:  _  “I
sure would love to have blue birds eating here.” __ _
LORD, it is silly, but it's such a cheer _ to
see Your creations _ _ come here. _ _

I need no proof God. __ I ask no sign __ __
I know Your Almighty God, so divine __ __
That’s why I’m truly embarrassed to ask __ if
You might consider so silly a task. __ to
Send Your blue blessings like these. __ __ __ __

If You do not choose to send me blue birds __ __
Still I shall never doubt Your promised words __ __
You are a Holy and great loving Dad __ __
You send surprises that make our hearts glad __ __

I’ve put out seeds so that I’ll be prepared __ in
case Holy God gifts me answering this prayer __ __
Yet, now I wonder how He’ll send blue birds __ when
Squirrels __ keep hanging off my feeders in herds. __ __

Maybe the joke that God laughing makes __ is
Squirrels are His blessings too not God’s mistakes __ Phil-
Lippians four reminds be thankful for all __ if
Squirrels come today maybe bluebirds tomorrow. __ __

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