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Old Yeller Barks On (song lyrics), by DianaDee Osborne

Heaven for Dog & Cats & ?

This FUTURE song's Draft Lyrics (music not yet completed) is subject to change.

ALBUM:      Amazing Creator 'n' Critters

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Song Story:  THE  LYRICS:
Written with much annoyance after seeing a humongous spider balled up on its web... NOT annoyed at the spider, but my mind remembering "Charlotte's Web" killing off the key character spider at the book's end.  And then of Old Yeller's dog character, killed off at the end.  And I still remember my horror around age 5 when Bambi's mom was killed off.

So this led me to much annoyance at people who 'preach' that pets don't go to heaven.

Who says?  Not God....
It is not in His Bible that "only people with a soul" go to heaven.  Check out my song PET HEAVEN for detailed scriptures supporting this.

Dedicated to our God who cares about the sparrows as well as the eagles.
4 October 2013

Charlotte's still on her web. _ _ _
Old Yeller barks on. _ _ And
Bambi's Mom still leaps over trees,  at
least each of these would... if they were
real and not fiction.

There's not one single place _ _ in
God's inspired Bible _ _ that
Says God lets death exterminate _ the
animals God made  with His __
real Creator love.

Where even is the logic _ in saying _ God is just _ _ while
saying animals death _ is just that they turn to dust? _ _ when
God gave Jesus so our death _ can lead to living with Him?  __ __ For
Death did NOT _ exist _ until  the sins of men  and women. _
Why would a just God give Jesus as a
way we can choose for life in heaven _ 
Yet leave His animals to suffer?  _ It's not logical _ _ _

men's traditions __ Not God's Word __ to
say heaven has no __ animals.  It's

just religion __  Not God's Word __ to
say heaven has no __ animals.  The

God Who cares when a sparrow  falls __
calls it to heaven _  _ Logical.

SUPPORTING WORDS from the Bible:
Heaven is a place for worshiping our Great God.
Even the stars and planets can do that (Psalm 19) -- 
           or do you think God through David in Psalm 19 lies. 
Even the stones you walk on can praise God (Luke 19: 40) 
     ---or do you  you think Jesus was exaggerating (“lying with a purpose in mind”). 

Jesus compared HIS love to the love of a mother hen gathering her chicks in a storm.
(Both Luke 13:34 and Matthew 23:37 emphasized these words of love.) So...... was Jesus using major exaggeration or was He using the example that hens care about their little chicks? By analogy --- think of all the other animals that have shown caring -- toward their babies... or toward people like you.

Colossians 2:8.  Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

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