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Combinatoric Waves Peace, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Big God 'n' Big Words

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Song Story:  THE MUSIC.   (combinatorics not usually used with Western music)
        During the Renaissance, people became more interested in the sciences and mathematics -- including combinatorics (Wikipedia).  It's intriguing that the MUSIC of this Combinatoric song   DOES sound rather like Renaissance music.

There are many types of combinatorics.  
This song focuses on the UNION points of 2 series from 
         God's World of nature:  
Ocean waves crashing against a pointed rock barrier, coming from two directions.   

One day I noticed something “different” in the sound as I stood by the water at dawn.  I closed my eyes... listened... realized that to my left, the water was like the usual 4/4 time with a heavy hit on the rocks as “Count 1” and a lighter hit on “count 3” and then repeating the pattern at the end of each 4 counts.

        BUT -- on my RIGHT side, the water took longer between “count 3” and the heavy repeat on Count 1.  The Music of the Water was in 5/4 time as it hit the rock barrier at a different angle.
        I charted out what I heard in the sand, and later created a spreadsheet to study my observation.  After talking with a couple of mathematicians, I learned that the word for this combination of two different series is “Combinatoric”.  
By the way:  It ASSUREDLY required the Holy Spirit's help to figure out how to write the music sheet for a song with no chords and a key bass line!  (My deepest Thanks to Him!)  --ddo  
Dedicated to Jesus, our Peace,  5 January 2012

Song Lyrics: 

"Peace I give.    Peace I give.
"Peace I leave with you.  My Peace I give to you.”
 Jesus said in John 14: ... 27.
         “Not as the world gives   do I give Peace.
Do not let your heart   be troubled.
 Do not fear,  for  I AM  here with you.”
Jesus said in  John 14: 27.
        “COME,  Follow Me.
Combine me with your life, and I bring peace:
      COMBINATORIC  PEACE for you ....
.                  ....... in the Crash  of Life.”

COMBINATORIC:  Math term.  Taking 2 (or more) sets of something and comparing them to look for elements in common.

"COMBINATORIC"   related to God:
    God can take ANYTHING... including crashing waves of problems and sorrows in your life, and unite it with a single factor that draws the waves of that set of problems into a unified piece:   JESUS.   Whatever “off” time we exist in, when we invite Jesus to be part of our lives, the combination is Peace With God.
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