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Amniotic Rest, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Big God  'n'  Big Words
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Song Story:    THE LYRICS.
       While discussing with my friend Sam that sometimes we don't need “Sunday School Answers” when we're down, this picture of a child in the womb came to mind.

        When Jesus met people, He did not immediately tell them “how to fix yourself.”  Jesus showed that He CARED.  He quietly listened.  He called us to follow Him.
     How many people have we turned from God because we preached “answers from the Bible” to them  without listening? Because we seemed to want to "be right" more than to comfort?

Song Story:    THE MUSIC.
     I designed the music to be harsh and pounding for Part 1, building up to a crashing storm like we have in our souls sometime.  Then, in Part 2, the music is designed to becoming a flowing swing style music (yes, that's swing with a W).  The image in my head was of a kind of
bird nest that is lightweight yet firmly attached to a tree branch, 
that sways in a wind and rocks the baby birds back to warm sleep....
    Dedicated to Jesus, With His Comforting Arms 25 May  2011  --ddo  


Song Lyrics:   PART 1
So many songs  call for courage and trusting.
So many songs quote scriptures of strength.
So many songs re- mind me rightly :  Jesus  is Lord, and He promised me strength!

So many words of Jesus give comfort, promises from God Like John 17.  Yet  >>>
So many times my soul's real comfort is Mark 9's Word,
God understands my doubts!

So many times I have utter faith in Jesus yet
so many times I have utter doubt in me. _
Logic says I can always trust in Jesus, yet
Logic also says I'll hurt Him miserably....hurt Him miserably.
God the Creator has all the Power to keep mistakes out of His Bible Word!

Logic says I can trust every Promise.
Experience shows Romans 7 is true.
God, I'm so weary __what  can I do? __
God, I'm so weary __what  should I do? __


Song Lyrics:  PART 2 -- GOD's answer to you in your stress:

Just rest like a child in the womb, there's nothing to do.
Sometimes  you just rest in God...     Psalm 46: verse 10...
Jesus  withdrew to go pray...              Luke 5:16.
Jesus calls, “Come to Me, rest.  ...       Matthew 11    [verse 11]...

God says “Be still... Be still”  ....
       Psalm 46 verse 10.

      Come to Jesus.  Pray and rest..... 

     like a child growing in amniotic fluid....
   Just bathe in God's flowing love:  love for You.

         Come to JESUS, THE WATER OF LIFE, and 

                         rest in God's love... like a child.

Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things [are] possible to him who believes."Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!"....Jesus took him [the child]  by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose."  -- Mark 9: 17-27 story, incl vs 24.
Jesus loves and answers prayers -- even when our feelings make us doubt.
Matthew 11:28, Jesus invites EACH one of us, “Come to me, 
    all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
Here is God's answer from Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”: 

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