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Isaiah 51 Following Righteousness (song lyrics), by DianaDee Osborne

ISAIAH 51  FOLLOWING RIGHTEOUSNESS                                           SUBSCRIBE  

This FUTURE song's Draft Lyrics (music not yet completed) is subject to change.

ALBUM:      Amazing Portion 'n' Prophets (NEW ALBUM, with songs built upon actual scriptures on the Bible's Prophetic writings.)

Song Story: 
        This was the result of an intensive study of the middle section of God's Book *through* Isaiah  (not technically 'Isaiah's book').  Have you ever noticed"  The book has 66 chapters.... and they sort of parallel the ENTIRE set of 66 books we call "the Bible".... right up to Revelation.  I wrote the words of God's book, sketching them into measures of 3 sylables (or rests) each:  3/4 time.  A COMFORTING,  waltz tempo.
        But on June 18th, 13 days later,  I just sat at the church sanctuary piano "alone with God"  and 'just began playing'  music that I quickly recorded.... music
        that CHANGES to a pounding 2/2 time for the CHOR-US   that  WARNS US.
Dedicated to our God of ALL The Ages....
the TRUE God of "The New Age",          5 June 2013.

LYRICS                       CLICK HERE FOR  ISAIAH 51  
1    (3/4 time)
Listen to me _ your God -- you who follow. _
Follow _ righteousness,  seeking the LORD. _ _
Look to the Rock _ from which you were hewn _ _
only find righteousness through God, Your LORD. _ _
He makes your wilderness bloom _ like Eden. _ _
Gladness and Thanksgiving, melody, joy! _ _
   Isaiah 51: 1 __ to three _ _ 
   Following righteousness brings promised joy! _ _

CHORUS   1              (2/2 pounding time)
Awake! Awake! Put on Strength. _  Awake as in Ancient Days. _
God is God Who dried the Sea. _ Gave a road to His redeemed. _
So the Ransomed of the LORD _ WILL return singing and with Joy. _
No more sorrow or sighing _ IF they follow God's righteousness.
   Isaiah 51:  verse 9  __ through 11, God's Promised Time.

2  (3/4 time)
Listen to me _ My people, My nation: _
Give ear to Me your God, and laws I speak. _ _
I'll make My justice rest as a light of the peoples, My
righteousness is near, my salvation gone forth. _ _
Lift your eyes to heavens.  Like __ Earth, they will _
vanish like smoke: But My righteousness won't. _ _
    Isaiah 51:  four _ to six.  _ _
   Following righteousness brings promised joy! _ _    (CHORUS 1   in 2/2 time)

3   (3/4 time)
Listen to Me,you who know righteousness. _ _
If your heart is my law, do not fear men. _ _
God's righteousness and salvation never ends _ _
from generation to generation. _ _
God put His Word __ in our mouths: __ His Law _ _
to follow righteousness through generations. _ _
   Isaiah 51: Seven to nine. _ _
   Following righteousness brings promised joy! _ _    (to CHORUS 2   in 2/2 time)

CHORUS   2              (2/2 pounding time)
Awake! I, God, comfort you! __                   
Why fear other men who will die? _                         
Why forget the LORD Your Maker Who made all this earth's foundations? _      
The LORD of hosts if my Name, I've covered you with a shadow of My hand. _
AWAKE!  Don't arouse God's fury, rebuking God Who's done all this. __
    Isaiah 51:  Verse 10. _  Follow righteousness to the end. __

Isaiah 51:  16.  And I have put My words in your mouth;
I have covered you with the shadow of My hand,
That I may plant the heavens,
Lay the foundations of the earth,
And say to Zion, 'You are My people.' "
©2013 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved. FREE personal usage; see website.
With thanks to  for providing God's Word in easy-to-research

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