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Psalm 145 Extolling, by DianaDee Osborne

Latin  version    &   PEACE  version
ALBUM:      Amazing Psalms 'n' Promises
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CLICK HERE      to hear JOY (Latin) version of song

Song Story:
    1. How did I pick this music?  I was watching a baby who was drifting to sleep.  To help Caleb along, I started practicing a mix of major-7 and just-7  chords on my guitar in “alphabetical order” downward…. A7, Gmaj7, Fmaj7,  E7…. after 10 minutes,  I suddenly thought, “hey, these sound pretty cool.”  I  threw in a Dm7 and Am7 chord for the bridge… and thus God inspired the music for this His song through me:)

    SLOW VERSION (Extolling in Peace) was my original “practice” version that helped Caleb sleep.  FAST VERSION (Extolling in Joy) came when Claxton Wilson, my studio producer at Valley Worship and Praise, grabbed his bass guitar, pumped up the tempo on the project I had brought in from my home studio, and said -- hey, how about THIS?? as he began a fast popping-slapping bass in a Latin rhythm.  (It's cool how God brings people with different skills and ideas together!!!)

CLICK HERE      to hear PEACE-full version of song

    2.  How did I pick this Psalm?  I literally prayed, “What Psalm do YOU want to go with this music?”  The number “144” came to mind, but I felt hesitant. I checked it out-- yes it seemed to fit the minor music. But there were a lot of words and this music seemed to call for something a bit simpler.  I use tremendously; so I hit the Next Chapter button, barely glanced at it before I called out, “Oh yes God, THIS is it, isn’t it!)  

    3.  How did I select Bible version?  For 98% of songs, I select the New King James Version for songs, because that’s the version that is almost universally accepted by the various church denominations.  I love the sound of  old KJV, but Communication is #1 need.

    4.  How did I pick this Song Title?  After all, the word “praise” occurs more often than the single instance of “extol”  in NKJV and  old KJV; there are two instances in New International Version (plus an “exalt”).  But the word “Praise” is used so often in our prayers and church services that I just wanted to use a more powerful, more Color-filled word… which still can’t come close to describing what our dear LORD God deserves.

    5.  Suppose the words of this Psalm don’t describe your concept of God?  After all, many many people are living lives that seem devoid of any loving God.  And it it’s not you-- you assuredly know someone.   Please please please just think of all the words where God calls us to seek, to reason, to use our minds. God doesn’t want cult-like followers. Perhaps some of the songs in the AMAZING LORD ‘N’ LOGIC series might give you, or the someone you know, a few additional threads of thought to enjoy weaving through, exploring.

    6.  Take a look at….. the way these words fall.  Especially how the rhymes fall into place for line letter “i”.  I did NOT design the song this way.  This is exactly how Psalm 145 fell as I simply sat at the computer with my 4/4 song template and started typing the psalms words, with very very few changes.  This is God.  This is God for YOU.
Dedicated to God,  23 September 2011 with amazed extolling!

I extol You, my God, my King, and I bless Your name forever.  Ev'ry
day I bless You and extol Your Name, God, Your Holy Name.
Great are You, Lord God, and greatly to be praised!  Your
Greatness is unsearchable, Oh,LORD.... Dear LORD God!
          Verses 1 to 3  of Psalm 145.

Each generation shall praise our works to the next and declare Your mighty acts. 
I will mediate on Your majesty, Your splendor and wonderous works.
All people shall one day know and declare Your
might and Your awesome acts.  I
DO declare Your greatness and we shall sing.... of Your Righteousness!
         Verses 4 to 7  of Psalm 145.

You LORD are gracious, full of compassion, slow in anger and great in mercy.  You
LORD are good to all... all Your Creation extols You, God.  We
speak of the glory of Your Kingdom and
extol Your awesome Power.   We
tell all the people of Your mighty acts and Your Kingdom... of your everlasting Kingdom!
          Verses 8 to 12  of Psalm 145.

Dear LORD, Your dominion has already endured throughout all generations.  The
LORD upholds all us who fall and who bow
down humbly to You THE LORD.  We
look to You expectantly, trust in Your provisions.  You
open Your hand and provide all our needs... all needs of all living things!
           Verses 13 to 16  of Psalm 145.

THE LORD is righteous in ALL His ways, gracious in all His works.  The
LORD is near to ALL who call on Him, call in TRUTH.  He
will fulfill desires of those of us who respect Him.  God
hears our call.  God saves us. 
God hears... and saves all who love Him.
           Verse 17 to 21  of Psalm 145.

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   SPOKEN:   In John 6: 40, Jesus tells us,
"And this is the will of [God] Who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life.  And I will raise him in the last day."

    Psalm 20a and 21: 
"THE LORD preserves all who love Him... My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD, and all flesh shall bless His holy name forever and ever."

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