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PSALM 103 Forgiving

PSALM 103 Forgiving

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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC
      The Garageband recording program says the weird instrument is a clavinet.  I have no idea what that is.... I just liked it.  Sounds like one of those mountain men's band instruments where someone else is blowing into a jug. 
       Claxton, who serves our LORD as my drummer for live drum tracks (and for slap bass... I specialize in slide bass)   was amused when I brought him this project with my prepared percussion track saying, “HEY I GOT IN SOME BONGOS TOO!”
       This is yet one more of those  "don't ask me where I got the idea, I don't know" ... except has to "be God"  songs.....  At least, I don't believe our Creative God minds getting credit for such a weird song!  Nothing like it in the hymnal song records I've heard!   
       By the way -- the entire song took about 8 minutes to write.... complete with the weird chord progressions “in my head”... with our Great Holy Spirit's Ephesians 3:20-style empowering, of course, for His Ephesians 3:21 and More GLORY.  Perhaps 2 hours at the most to record all the instrument tracks.   It's God. 
Dedicated to our  God  Who created an entire System for Forgiveness:  Centering on the Son of God -- Jesus Christ -- Who was also  the Son of Man through Mary,  our Mediator and Advocate (Lawyer)  before God's Judgment seat.  30 October 2011

so far has He removed our transgressions [sins] from us.....”   --Psalm 103: 12 New KJV  PREDICTS Jesus as God forgiving sins.....
Matthew 9:6:   "But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins"—then He [Jesus] said to the paralytic, "Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house."
1 and 5
Bless the Lord, my soul.    All that's within me.
Bless the Lord, my soul.    Bless His holy Name.....
Forget not the good        things that God has done,
God Who forgives sin,    heals and life redeems...  FOR AS >> CHORUS

        High as the heavens  is God's __ mercy _ to all
        those who love and  respect _ The Lord.    ..... PSALM 103 ... verse 11
Bless the LORD my soul,    God who is loving,
God Who crowns you with    Kindness and mercy,
God Who satisfies        you with all good things
so that your youth is        renewed like the eagle!  FOR AS   >> CHORUS

God removes your sins    when you ask Him to,
as far as the east        is away from the far west.
God our Father has        pity on us all.
He knows all our frame,    remembers we're dust .... FOR AS  >> CHORUS

Our lives are like grass,    on this earth, they pass.
But the LORD our God    gives mercy that's everlasting,
on those who fear Him,    who keep His commands.
Bless the LORD my soul,    Bless our LORD God's works.. FOR AS  >> CHORUS

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