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Martha Marriage Prayers, by DianaDee Osborne

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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:
    I'm ashamed to say that this humor song was not inspired by a humor moment.

    But in retrospect, it IS funny:  It came to mind the moment when I had just finished praying what is the woman's part in Verse 2.  A  why-won't-he-just-take-out-the-trash prayer.  The instant my thought-prayer ended, this story in Luke 10:40 came to mind, and I really did laugh and laugh at both my silliness and at God's instant answer to my prayer.... which you may note was NOT to get my hubby to take out the trash!

    Martha was focused on having a perfect house... a type of pridefulness. Having a neat home and a great party are not bad... they can bring much joy!  But sometimes we, like Martha, find our value in showing other people how good we are at whatever.  Sometimes we, perhaps like Martha, rather enjoy the martyrdom of being able to whine at all the hard work we're doing while other people are lazy (by our definition of “lazy”).

    More than anything, God yearns for a RELATIONSHIP with each of us.... and relationships require time together.  Psalm 46:10 -- “Be STILL and know that I am God.”
    God created us from the beginning with a plan that we have a relationship with our marriage partner. 

    May this song bring your hearts laughter  
as you see some of your silliness reflected in the verses...  
and may this song bring your hearts together with each other and with your God as He yearns for you to be.    --ddo

Dedicated to our Holy Friend, God, 29 May 2010

In Luke 10:40, Jesus was teaching in the home of 2 sisters:  “Jesus was teaching and Mary was listening. 
“But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me.“   [KJV]

Martha was focused on perfection,    a type of pridefulness.  
But more than ANYTHING, God yearns for a 
and relationships require time.
Psalm 46:10:  God says, 
    “God, there is so much to do and he's just watching TV.
    Lord, tell him men must help their wives.”
    God, You know I just need to relax.  Why can't your woman see this?
    Please make her see this fact.
Martha prayers.... “Work - work”  prayers.....
God made us for relationship with our marriage partner -- YEAH!


    Oh, God, he's just so lazy, he won't do what I need.
    Let him know he must help me.
     God, Your woman's selfish and won't do her tasks.
    Make her stop whining and nagging at me.
Martha prayers.... “Work - work”  prayers.....
God made us for relationship with our marriage partner -- YEAH!


Let us ask ourselves, are we following Christ, or are we
just using Jesus's name we claim?
John 15 verse 14 tells us acts are needed to obey Jesus
and to be His friend.... But God hates
Martha prayers.... “Work - work”  prayers.....
God made us for relationship with    God,    Holy Spirit  --- YEAH!!


Mary stopped all working just to spend time with Jesus,
and we must decide to do the same.
Luke 10 verse 41,  Jesus answered Martha's prayer by saying
she should stop and listen to Him.  For God hates
busy  prayers.... “Work - work”  prayers.....
God made us for relationship with    our Savior Jesus--    YEAH!      YEAH!  YEAH!

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