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Psalm 119 Loving Living Word 49 Zayin, by DianaDee Osborne

PSALM 119 LLW 49 Zayin
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   
I was checking out my “untitled” folder... was interested in the studio file I'd done a few weeks earlier called “untitled Dm Rag”, with my piano on top of a canned drum loop. 
    Started playing with the song. 
    Completed the drums and that bass line I really like. 
    Corrected jazz timing for the piano;   added sax  track to guide me when I would be recording the vocals at the studio, since the melody is a bit tricky. 

Only after I finished the tracks did I pull out my Bible and ask God,
    OK,  what should I do with this?   

    Since I had been working on the Psalm 119 series, 1-1/2 years after I first had the concept to do this (while in a summer-long Bible Study on this single Psalm).... I opened my Bible to Psalm 119.  It fell to Zayin. 

    The words fit the jazz meter of the already-created music.  My Hebrew instructor / Shabbat fellowship leader Rick Blankenship had come to the studio to record the entire Hebrew alphabet, since I knew I'd never pronounce the letters right.  As a last-minute thought which I am sure the Holy Spirit provided,  I asked Rick to also provide the meaning for each Hebrew Letter.
    On the same studio night,  the producer recorded and did his audio improvements to a track where I read the entire Psalm 119 straight through.


 It's a REALLY weird, harsh chord.
     When I recorded the chord, it was a MISTAKE-----
       and I liked its weirdness, so I just kept the piano track unchanged.  In fact, I EMPHASIZED the mistake by making it the melody note!      And I did NOT plan this location for the scripture to land on.... a harsh chord for “indignation.”   I just dropped in the scripture track and it landed there.  This is GOD'S  planning... and it has happened a number of times, as earlier stories tell.

    And so for this song,  I created a project that cut out the pieces for the Zayin scripture reading and Rick's alphabet reading.  And thus God has guided yet another of His songs of Psalms for His people that puts HIS Words to music.  This is God's project that I am honored to develop under the Holy Spirit's guidance and empowering.                                  -ddo
Dedicated to Protector LORD God, 2 February 2013


                    Zayin -- a weapon.                   (New King James Version)
49      Remember the word to Your servant,
    upon which You have caused me to hope.
50     This is my comfort in my affliction,     For Your word has given me life.
51     The proud have me in great derision,  Yet I do not turn aside from Your law.
52     I remembered Your judgments of old, O Lord,  And have comforted myself.
53    Indignation has taken hold of me because of the wicked,
        who forsake Your law.
54     Your statutes have been my songs  In the house of my pilgrimage.
55      I remember Your name in the night, O Lord,  And I keep Your law.
56     This has become mine,  Because I kept Your precepts. 

Remember the Word to Your servant upon
which You, God, have caused me to have hope.   This is
my comfort in troubles. For Your Word, Lord gives me
Life.  The proud mock me so much,  and yet
I won't turn from Your Law, O God.  And I
remember Your judgments You gave us so long ago.
    God's Law is Comfort.  Psalm one-hundred-Nineteen, 49 to 56.
    God remembers His Promise!

Disgust has taken hold of me LORD, because
wicked people have forsaken God's Law...

God's Statutes are my songs  anywhere I have
traveled.  O LORD, I remember Your Name
all DAY.  And I remember Your Name
in the night.  O my LORD< I keep Your Law, it's now mine.
    God's Law is Comfort .  Psalm one-hundred-Nineteen, 

49 to 56.
    God remembers His Promise!

QUESTION:  ARE  YOU  disgusted by the people who say
God doesn't have power to keep mistakes out of His bible?

Are YOU disgusted by people who say Jesus ended God's Law rather than believing Jesus's Word in Matthew 5:17 and elsewhere?   Psalm 49's ZAYIN was APPROVED BY GOD, remember,  or it wouldn't be in God's bible Book of Psalms.

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