Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jeremiad Indicator Lights, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Big God  'n'  Big Words
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC
       All songs recorded before spring 2010 had to be done in professional studios.  Then God provided resources for me to set up a home studio and create all the initial instrument tracks for MIDI and loops.  This was one of the first songs.... and the growly background texture is the first loop I found.  By the way... yep, I know I'm not exactly great in the rap!  But, hey, it's a song for fun and for someone ELSE to improve one day!  My two studio producers did their best working with my raw skills!
Song Story:  THE  LYRICS
      A TRUE STORY-parable.   God brought to mind an old van where the indicator light continually warned of something minor-- so we learned to  ignored it... and one day missed the fact that it was ALSO  warning that the alternator was dying.  A death that we completely ignored signs for.
Dedicated to our Lovingly WARNING God, 27 April 2010


PEOPLE   LAUGH  at Jeremiah.  “Weeping Prophet”, we call him.
Even got a Big Word from him:  JEREMIAD means “weeping” ... a
message full of gloom and doom and WHO  wants to hear THAT ??
We just skip Jeremiah's Bible book.   WHO  needs to hear that ??
One day my van indicator Light  began to flash Yellow.
I was busy -- said “I'll take the van to the shop --- tomorrow.
But that indicator light BOTHERED me.... WHO  wants to see THAT??
So I just pulled out  my duct tape --- and  COVERED  UP  that!!
Next week, a new indicator Light  flashed bright RED at me.
Still --- the van's fix would need time and my life was busy.  Now
this NEW indicator light  BOTHERED me..... WHO  wants to see THAT??
So I just pulled out  my duct tape --- and  COVERED  UP  that!!
By now you have surely figured where my JEREMIAD goes.
Yep,     my van died on the freeway,  and I had to have it towed.
Yes -- indicator lights are bothers.  BUT we need them.
Ignoring warnings lead to disasters..... and JEREMIADS!
and at Jesus, and God's prophets.
Yet their Words are loving warnings to help you avoid disasters.
Bible indicator lights can't be covered by duct tape.
    We NEED them.   Though human minds ask like   Romans 1,  how
    God's warnings can be true?
Take a look at evidences.  They add up to  “GOD  IS  REAL.”   
We can't cover God with DUCT  TAPE.  God's warnings can't be concealed.
God demands that we be Holy.   God sent His Son to offer this Fix:
        Romans 10:  9  warns,  “DON'T DELAY
           COMING TO GOD'S SHOP for this Gift. 
Death will bring you     JEREMIADS -------------
        WEEPING THAT LASTS   FOREVER................................. 

READING Jeremiah 3: 20-23:   “Surely, as a wife treacherously departs from her husband, So have you dealt treacherously with Me, O house of Israel," says the LORD.  A voice was heard on the desolate heights, Weeping and supplications of the children of Israel.
    For they have perverted their way; They have forgotten the LORD their God. "Return, you backsliding children, And I will heal your backslidings." [MAY OUR REPLY to GOD join the Psalmist saying:]   "Indeed we do come to You,
    For You are the LORD our God. Truly, in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, And from the multitude of mountains; Truly, in the LORD our God Is the salvation of Israel."--   NKJV 
Romans 6,    7,    11 & 15 describe how God's promises to Israel now extend to Gentiles.

    "In those days and in that time," says the LORD, "The children of Israel shall come,   They and the children of Judah together; With continual weeping they shall come,        And seek the LORD their God.”  - Jeremiah 50: 4 NKJV

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