Friday, September 21, 2012

Trapped Under a Cat, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Creator  'n'  Critters
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC
       I absolutely loved playing “all over” my bass on this song.  I had just gotten my Ibanez 5-string bass, and that “THUMP  THUMP   THUMP” in interludes was my first chance to really slam it!   This song also amuses me because, honestly, I had almost no  “country” experience -- including playing the radio!
       THE  LYRICS  tell the story:  A little black and white sick cat, Gizmo, will be long remembered in God's parable of  Psalm 46:10. 
       Dedicated to our Lord, 3 January 2009, in memory of Gizmo-- Tom's little black & white kitty.

Well,  I started to leave my chair and go to wash my dishes.
When suddenly,  I found myself trapped under my white kitty!
Poor Gizmo'd struggled to my lap, turned once and fell asleep there.
She'd been so sick, so sad, so frail:    How  COULD  I leave my chair????

No TV  on,   no radio.  No telephone in reach.
I'm stuck there under my sick chair,  wishing I had a peach.
(Sorry.... songs are supposed to rhyme.  Forgive that one,  I beseech!)
So there I am trapped by a cat with nothing else to do.
I figured,    MAYBE I SHOULD PRAY?  Can't hurt.  Might help me too.
So first I prayed for my sick cat --- our God of love won't mind.
Then prayed for people that I love.   CAT STILL ASLEEP.  More time....

So then I prayed for church and friends,     for peace with God to find.
Then prayed for people  I  don’t  like.    CAT STILL ASLEEP.  More time....

What next to pray?  Peace for my day,  to trust,  “With God, all's fine.”
Then prayed for wisdom,   strength,     
           PATIENCE!   CAT  STILL  ASLEEP.  More time....
SO MUCH that I should go and do.     Yet..... at peace under this feline.
A quiet joy from touching fur................ and joy touching Divine.
At last!    It's time!    Gizmo awakes,   yawns,  ambles down,  goes eat.
No longer trapped ----- and yet I stay,  to pray --- with God  I meet.
Trapped under a cat,  I re-learned this --- Joy thanking God for WHO He is,
peace from praying....
joy in staying
in our loving God's presence.
Psalm    46: Verse 10...    Be still and know I'm God.       
Psalm    46: Verse 10...    Be still and know I'm God.        
Psalm    16: 11 ...     In God's presence is JOY.
Psalm    16: 11 ...     In God's presence is JOY.
And in Psalm 5,    Verse 3:
    When I ask and wait, God hears me.
    When I ask and wait..............  God hears    me.
©2009 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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