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Unchanging Grace, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Grace  'n'  Tears
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Song Story:  The MUSIC.    Simply:   I needed a 12th song for this first album, and it “made sense” to create another Amazing Grace version song.   And at the last minute -- we'd finished the song -- the thought came to me to "reprise" the album's title song at the end of this song that would be the final track on the album.
         I had NO IDEA that God would EVER keep   honoring   me with songs to develop for Him.... and so MANY.    This was in the first month of recording with Valley Worship & Praise Productions, and even after 2 years of daily prayers to serve our LORD with music,  I never dreamed that 9  months after recording UNCHANGING  GRACE, I would have filled a second album,  “Amazing Love 'n' Lullabies.”  Ephesians 3:20, far beyond all we ask or dream.  Verse 20... For God's Glory-Only.

         I kept my “Little Girl” singing voice and a very light touch on piano and bass (complete with  bass  mistakes and gaps), to sound weaker...... as we ARE without our LORD's empowering Love.
        AND,  I  sent the VwP studio producer out of the controller room after he hit the  “Record”  button (something musicians shouldn't,  don't,  do)   because I knew I would cry while recording 
these sad words about all Jesus has suffered  for me... for us.....

Song Story:  The DiDoReflections Music Ministry Project.   
          When I first began this worship project,  I called the CCLI office for information about sharing songs with churches and Christ-followers.   I commented that I had several versions of the song "Amazing Grace."  Giselle's wonderful immediate response was, "THERE CAN NEVER  BE  TOO MANY SONGS ABOUT GOD'S AMAZING GRACE."  What TRUTH is in those words, about God's UNCHANGING GRACE!
          This was also the first song in which God gave me the idea to really pack in scripture references so people can find His Promises.   

Dedicated to our Lord, 30 November 2008,
eight months after LORD God began pouring out His song giftings through me......

RENEWED 11 June 2021 as I update blogs of God's SONG STORIES.


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Un-Chang-ing     Grace:  How sweet the sound –             
Your words changed a   sad wretch  like me.                    
My hope was all lost.        In Your words, Hope was found.           
When You said “Seek and You’ll....... find Me.       
Matt  Sev’n  sev’n  and Six:  Thir-ty Three.                 (Matt 7:7Matt 6:33)     

Un-Chang-ing Grace:  Your words astound.       
You, God, changed a scared wreck like me.       
My life went all wrong.  Your Life  brought me a song.   
When You said,  “Your peace is in Me.”       
John 14:  Twenty-Sev’n and Phil 4.              (John 14:27,   Philippians 4)                                                 .
Un-Chang-ing Grace: Your gifts a-bound. .               
Your words changed the goals I shall seek.            
I  need no more “stuff.”   Though my life may get tough,    
You comfort and provide for my needs.           
Luke 12  (20's);    John 3:  Sev’n-teen.       (Luke 12: 20-29;  John 3:17)

Un-Chang-ing Grace:     My failures drowned           
My confidence in the “old me.”       
I invite your change.  God,  please   re-arrange       
my heart to be as You   ..... want me...   
Psalm One-Three-Nine;  Hebrews 10: verse 16.  (Psalm 139Hebrews 10:16)

TAG     < Reprisal of  first CD's title song, “Amazing Grace ‘n’ Tears” >    
How self-centered  I have been.   How I’ve  focused all on  me.
How amazed  I am to be graced by Your love,
        .......... by all of Your tears    for me.
How forgiving You have been, suff'ring anything for me.    (1 Peter 3:18....)
How amazed  I am to be graced by Your love,
that  You'd   die  on a     tree   --  for     me..........

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