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Squeaky Wheel Praising, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Grace 'n' Tears
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:
This song was one of God's very first song giftings through me.
Written before I had the idea to put a Song Story at the end of each music sheet!
So I'd have to go way back in my journals.... this "might" have been in #1 of 
my leather-bound journal series (I just started #22, 5 years later; 375 pages each. God's empowering,  Ephesians 3:20-21).

But, as I recall (without searching out the story at this time):
This became my first song emphasizing God's scripture references so that
I could remember WHERE to find all God's promises!
May it also help you!

Dedicated to our Lord, 5 October 2008.


LORD, help me praise you like a squeaky wheel that
irks that devil so    (... he'll go).  Help
me to sing "I GIVE YOU THANKS"  and
praise You even 
          though I'm squeaky,
               sometimes creaky, 
YET still raising "LOVE YOU"  praising!
VERSE 1                <Hebrews 13:5, John 14:18, Nehemiah 8:10 >
When  I hear sad and  lonely thoughts,    
I’ll praise You “even though.”
John 14 says You’ll never leave --        

You’re my Friend and much more.

When I hear tired and weary thoughts,    

 I’ll praise You “even though.”
Your gift of Joy’s the strength I need--        

Neh’miah 8 : 10 says so,  And so,   <CHORUS>

VERSE  2   
When I hear “Don’t forgive them!” thoughts,  

I’ll praise You “even though.”
Self-pity’s fun.  But You said “None        

who grudge  are  graced” – First John.

When I hear worried,  fear-filled thoughts,    

I’ll praise You “even though.”
You’re my Supply.  I don’t know why  
<feeding 1000s; Good Shepherd>  
I doubt John 6 and 10,   And so,               <CHORUS>            

VERSE  3                                          <James 1:5, Philippians 4:13>
When I hear  “I’m so STU-PID !!!”  lies,     

I’ll praise You “even though.”   
You promised in James 1:5 and            

Proverbs 3:5 “Ask Me,”

When I hear   “I can’t  DO this !!!”  lies,     

I’ll praise You “even though.”
Phil 4: Thirteen says You give strength   

 to me for ev’rything,    And so,                     <CHORUS>   

VERSE  4                                         <John 3: 17>
When I hear  “God’s so un-fair  !!!”  lies,    

 I’ll praise You “even though.”   
MY sense of fairness comes from You.        

You understand far more.

When I hear  “God’s a cruel god !!!”  lies,  

I’ll praise You “even though.”   
If  You weren’t loving, kind, and good,    

You’d zapped me long ago!  And so,  <CHORUS>  

VERSE  5                              <Psalm 103,  Romans 8:15-38, 1 John 1: 7-10>
When I hear  “God’s won’t forgive  !!!”  lies,      

I’ll praise You “even though.”   
Psalm One-O-Three and more promise            

You’ve cast my sins afar.

When sins and mistakes haunt my thoughts,    

I’ll praise You “even though.”
You forgive and bring good through them,    

Romans 8 says this and more:    <TO  BRIDGE>


<Bible VERSES>  :
Romans 8
<15-16>        <... that>     You’re  my     Dad.   I        need     not     fear.    When
<38>             I         call     You,   You    will      draw   near.    You   

<1-4>           set       me     free     from   sin      and    death.  When
<5-11>         my     mind’s    dark,   You   bring  me    breath.  When

<12-13>      I          let      Your    Spi-     rit         lead    me,    You’ll
<14-15>     make   all      these  wrong thoughts leave  me.   So 

<17-18>      what    if       life’s   not      al-       ways    “fun”?  You’ll
<19-25>      pro-        vide    joy     for       a-        ny        one     who 

SLOWER    asks......................    and    so...          Lord,
                                                                                          <to CHORUS>

only after last chorus

             You deserve  much more! 

“For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher
than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”   -- God,  Isaiah 55:9 KJV
©2008 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved. FREE personal usage; see website.
With thanks to BlueLetterBible.org  for providing God's Word in easy-to-research format.

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