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Reason It Out (Humor Country Song), by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing LORD  'n' Logic
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:
    This is yet another cool song in minutes from God.  I was sitting with my journal,  Bible,  and  guitar by a quiet lake early one morning before time to leave for church worship.  Ducks were squawking at me, thinking I was yet another person who had come to bring them food.            I had nothing for the ducks.

    I started to think, thankfully, that God never says the same to us though we squawk at Him.     I thought of my journal notes from a few days before where a preacher said “God is not logical; if we ever start to understand God, then God is not Almighty.” 

    In my notes I’d argued, “That’s silly…. the question is not if God meets OUR logic, but that we don’t understand HIS, and then we blame GOD  for not being logical when He’d already promised us wisdom.”   (James 1:5 is one of my absolute favorite promises from God… He gives wisdom to anyone who asks Him and trusts His love to answer our prayers for wisdom.)

    Thus I was sitting there by the lake asking God for the honor of yet another “logic” song to help people see how reasoning He true-ly is, strumming a few guitar chords “randomly.”

    Then I remembered Isaiah 1:18  where God actually invites us to question Him respectfully, to try to reason out the Truth.  When I started playing the chords, they just sort of fell into a country beat…. which is NOT at all a strong skill for me.  But it is when God helps!………

Dedicated to our God of REASON,  5 June 2011

“Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord”….
                                [plus much more].  -- Isaiah 1: 18


     When a PERSON says to you, “use your brain,” it's a major insult.  But when Almighty God says that, it's a fantastic show of respect, an honor from God that He doesn't want you to be a puppet. 
    That's God's invitation to us all in Isaiah 1:18, an invitation to reason with Him.  Any quick Bible search of the word “seek” shows that Jesus often said “Seek and you shall find.”  But God repeatedly in the Old Testament said the same thing, most famously in Jeremiah 29:14, where God PROMISES, “If you seek Me, you shall find Me, if you seek with Your whole heart.”


God    _ says _    “Reason it!  Reason it!”
“I will help you reason it out!”
God says “Reason it!  Reason it!”... Isaiah 1,  verse 18.   (God says....)


God    _ says _    “Reason it!  Reason it!”
“Let me help you reason it out!”
God says “I will give you wisdom” ... James 1, verse 5 & 6.
  (God says....)


God    _ says _    “Think on it!  Think on it!”
“Let Me help you think on it now!”
Think  on anything that is good!”.... Philippians 4, Verse 6.



 “You have a BRAIN that I made so you can
come and reason with God!:   Isaiah 1, verse 18.

JESUS says, “I love you!  I AM Truth.”
That's God's Word through John 14: 6.
  Your logic says Anyone Who loves you
    will tell you JUST what is TRUE. 
>  CHORUS   

JESUS says, “Satan lies. He hates you!”
That's his quote, John 8: 44.

     Your logic says Anyone who hates you     -          
   puts lies in your head and says God lies.

“You have a BRAIN that I made so you can
come and reason with God!:   Isaiah 1, verse 18.
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