Thursday, October 18, 2012

Psalm 46 Robin Breathing, by DianaDee Osborne


ALBUM:      Amazing Psalms 'n' Promises
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Song Story: 
        This song was a long time in development stages.  Two years, off and on (mostly off :)   The first verse and initial guitar chords and melody were written in a church garden while I awaited band practice  one evening, and noticed a very plump robin hopping.... stopping.... cocking its head..... waiting.... and more waiting -- until suddenly it dashed its beak under the dirt and grabbed a worm.
        Instead of flying off somewhere with its newest food blessing, the robin hopped over to a nearby bush and gave the worm to an adult female cardinal.  I'd seen adult birds feed their babies, but this was new knowledge for me.
        The second verse came along 130 pages later in that journal.  Back in 2010, I didn't really expect God to be honoring me with enough songs for more than the three or four albums I'd already set up (in amazement even at those honorings).  So the delay in Parts 2 and 3 has been a blessing: 
        The song now fits into the later Amazing Psalms 'n' Promises  album, which gives a musical setting for God's FULL Word  of  each psalm -- not just a short paraphrase.
        It's been my joy to see God answering my prayers that He'll use me to provide new musical settings for His written Word in the psalms and the prophetic writings especially.  I deeply thank Him for this beautiful new parable idea that describes and fits with  His Psalm 46 Word.
Dedicated to our Forgiving Lord,   15 May 2010 (lyrics);  renewed 25 March 2012

LYRICS    (peace-filled  waltz time)
Have.........    you ever sat and watched a robin gently breathe?  His
reddish breast gently move in and out,
silently cocking his head toward dirt,
listening silently to hear a worm.  He's
    waiting for his food.  Waiting for blessing.
If ...............    you sit and wait some more, you'll see the robin's mate,
sitting nearby in a tree just watching. 
And when she sees her mate stop and just breathe, she
knows she will safely receive food she needs.  She's
    waiting for her food.  TRUSTING  for blessing.

PART 2  -    FULL  PSALM  46      
3   (Rock style-- HAPPY!)
God  alone is our Refuge and Strength!
God helps in trouble!  God is present!
So I won't fear in earthquakes or floods.
Whatever happens, I CAN trust God.  Whatever happens, I  SHALL  trust God.
God has a city.... a Holy place. 
God's in the midst of her, though nations rage.
So I won't fear, for God helps His Own. 
The LORD of Hosts is here. He's our refuge.
Whatever happens, I CAN trust God. 
Whatever happens, I  SHALL  trust God.
Come, behold God's Works!  He's in control! 
Kingdom's can't stop Him. God can end wars.
“Be still and Just know that      I    AM,”   God  says.
“I'll be exalted,”   says our LORD GOD.
“I  AM  your refuge. Be still and trust....”

©2010, 2012 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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