Thursday, November 15, 2012

Psalm 34 Humbling Jazz, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Psalms  'n'  Promises 
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Song Story:      A  back page on my website (see “About DianaDee”) describes the 25-item list of music-related prayers that I made while waiting for a band at the ALIVE '06 music festival in Ohio, USA, 6 years ago.
      This list, as I explain in more detail there, is my absolute evidence that all of these about-250-songs are giftings from God's Creative Holy Spirit, and not some sort of special human skill I have....
        Writing this list, I was running out of ideas (having already mentioned my klutziness learning guitar pedal boards and the bass slides I'm now great at, and etc) but the band still was not readySo I added Number 20:  “May as well be honest about dreams:  To serve You by writing songs that reach listeners and draw then to You (not me).  Jazz style would be nice – we need that.”    I tried to write songs for several years, with dismal results.  In fact, you can't call a quarter-dozen song pieces real “results.”  
       My point?   YOU can do this if you humbly ask God,  
seeking to serve Him.  NOT said to brag, but to share THE EXCITEMENT  OF  GOD!  This song is not my style, not my skill.  I like jazz but don't have a natural talent for it, and wasn't surprised when God's jazz-bass-and-drums-gifted studio producer  Claxton Wilson at Valley Worship & Praise Productions wasn't discouraging --- but wasn't enthusiastic  about the draft of this song that I “just created” in my home studio on March 29th!
       But with prayers and Claxton's concept suggestions in mind, I really “changed up” the music and created the music sheet on March 31st, and recorded the song at Studio 2 on April 2nd, with polishing completion on April 6th.  Nine days.    It's God.   ☺ 

1  (part 1a)
I WILL bless the LORD at all time, His     

praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall boast in God's great love.  

Humble people shall hear of God's greatness and rejoice!

2  (part 1b)
Come, magnify the LORD with me.  

And  let's together exalt God's Holy Name.
When we seek God, He will hear us and  

deliver the humble from fears ---- Psalm  34!

3  (part 2a)
Poor men cry out and God saves them   
 if they humbly deeply revere Him.
God's angel camps all around those who fear God. 

O taste and see that the LORD is   Good!     
     Blessed are all who trust the LORD God.
     Give Him awe and fear -- Psalm 34.  

     God will bless all those who are humble.

4  (part 2b)
Those who humble themselves to God will 
have all their needs met by God.
God delivers all the contrite in their heart.  

God is near all of us with broken hearts.
      God's eyes are on all those who  obey.  

      God hears humble cries ---- Psalm 34.
      God will bless all those who are humble.    

Read the full psalm.  (CLICK HERE FOR LINK)

... Then optionally repeat   Verse 1   

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