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CHILD By the Road, by DianaDee Osborne


ALBUM:      Amazing Peace 'n' Passion
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Song Story - The Lyrics.  See end for story of Music: 
          A TV game show had just rewarded the person who guessed $1,500 less than the prize's true cost --and yet was the closest:  Five pairs of jeans for $2,000. I was sitting in the TV room reading the news about all of the political fights and unemployed people searching for jobs... and the cold hearts of so many people including toward children.... as I listened to people's excitement  over those jeans.....
         When Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 that one sign of the ends times was that sin would abound and people's love would grow cold, I suspect many listeners expected things could never get worse.  Yet here we are 2,000 years later where children are abandoned in freezing weather, and worse happens to children.  And we often think more about our personal desires for things....not all that different from $400 denim jeans...
Dedicated to Father of “The Least Of These,” 10 February 2012

“Then He [Jesus] will answer them, saying, 'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the LEAST of these, 
you did   NOT   do it to Me.'   And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."   --Matthew 25: 45 and 46 New King James Version

What is the price that you would accept that pays you to ignore...
What    would you do   if you saw a child just
lying in a ditch.... facedown in the dirt...
looking so life-less.  Would you stop your busy life?
Or quickly walk on by....
Fearful that you may get hurt, if you stop to truly look?
Thinking it's not your business....  Besides, she looks so lifeless....

What WILL you do for a child who seems lifeless?
unwanted and helpless?  alone?  friendless?
        Your choice defines who you Really are.

What would you do _ if you saw a child just
lying by the road.... alone and looking cold,

looking so life-less?  Would you stop your busy life?
Or simply turn your eyes?....

Say  there's nothing you can do.  Say others can help -- not you.
Would you say there's just no hope?  ........  Just keep going down your road?
    WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  ........................
What WILL you do for a child who seems lifeless?
unwanted and helpless?  alone?  friend-less?

          Your choice defines who you Really are.
Jesus asked you this in   Luke Ten's   parable ----- the
Good Samaritan,   face down by the road,
Religious people passing by,  thinking they are serving God.
Will    YOU too turn YOUR eyes?
Say  there's nothing you can do.  

              Say others can help ------ not you.
WILL you give up time to HELP  God's children or run like  H_____?
    WHAT WILL  YOU DO?   ........................
What WILL you do for a child who seems lifeless?
unwanted and helpless?  alone?  friendless?

    WHAT  WILL   YOU DO?  
          YOUR    choice defines who YOU   Really are.

Jesus tells this story to a lawyer in the crowd, who is testing Jesus in Luke 10.  Starting at verse 30, Jesus tells of a man who was beaten and robbed and left for dead by the side of a road.  Two religious people saw him and even crossed to the other side to avoid stopping.  A Samaritan, who is from a group that Jews hate, stopped to help the hurt man, then took him to an inn and even left money and promised to return with more money if needed.  Jesus asked the lawyer in verse 36,  “So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?"  The lawyer answered, "He who showed mercy on him."  
Jesus did NOT just say, “You're right.”  
Jesus's answer to that man and to us who read His word was this:  
                                     "Go and do likewise."

Song Story --  THE HEARTBEAT:   We had completed the song's final mix in the third studio.  Then God gave me an idea:  To use the “stretch” feature of the recording program to stretch the actual heartbeat recording to slow down more and more until it completely stops....          like the dying child.
Song Story: -- THE GOAL:   It's hard to fight anger when considering this  21st century version.... "real life" application  of Jesus's parable of the Good Samaritan who looked "almost dead" (Luke 10) but was just passed by as religious people hurried on to serve God or “whatever.'   How can we   do   this?    How can we choose personal convenience, time, money over helping?      
        There's no need to preach the actual topic of this parable song.... 
           God always answers prayers for wisdom (James 1: 5 and 6) 
and will tell you...........     
                 ..... if you really  want  to know Truth.
©2012 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.   

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