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I Bless Your Holy Name, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing  Faith 'n' Freedom   
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   This is such a long (pretty cool) story that I put it at the end...
Song Story:  THE  LYRICS:   Anyone following “DianaDee” songs ... which are actually God's which  I joy-filledly develop FOR  Him,  for whatever harvest He our LORD wants, even if to never be shared with people...
      would notice that there are several sets of scriptures that I REPEATEDLY emphasize in songs.  This song contains the 3 most used sets of scriptures ---
Ephesians 3:20 to 21 --- IN GOD's Power and ONLY for HIS glory....  which SHOULD include in the churches,  per God in verse 21;
Ephesians 6:  10 to end -- seeking God's protection from SATAN who  canNOT hurt God himself... so he relentless temps US to do that.
and      James 1: 5 and 6 -- prayer for wisdom. 

This last set, James 1: 5-6,  is actually my favorite verse in the Bible, far beyond John 3:16.    NOW,  before someone has time to finish gasping, let me quickly explain:
Without the Holy Spirit's gift of Wisdom -- which He doesn't  “JUST DUMP” on us -- we are told to ASK -- we humans don't even KNOW that John 3:16 is essential to Life.
Song Story:  THE  TITLE:   I prayer-filledly use the website for Christ-ian Copyright Licensing International -- -- to try to find unique titles for God's songs through me.  CCLI had about a dozen songs titled for each of the first two main phrases of this song.... Thus this song's title is its 3rd, and most often repeated (AND prayed by me) line--- I BLESS  YOUR  HOLY NAME!      and I dearly do,  LORD.
Dedicated to our Wondrous Holy God 10 January 2013

1                  (twice,  first time slowly,  second time joyfully at twice the speed)
LORD,  I praise You,  LORD  I love You.   I bless Your Holy Name.
LORD  I worship You,  Long to serve You in the power of Your Holy Name.
Ephesians 3,  verse 20  power--
    beyond anything I can do
        without You.... without You, my LORD.

    Without You.... without You my LORD.
LORD,  I thank You,  love,  adore You.  I bless Your Holy Name.
Jesus Savior,  Your love saved me.  Give protection to SHARE Your Truth.
Ephesians 6,    Protect from evil --
    beyond anything I can do
        without You.... without You, my LORD.

    Without You.... without You my LORD.
LORD,  I need You, long to please You.  I bless Your Holy Name.
Holy Spirit, please give wisdom.  Give me words to SPEAK  Your Truth.
James Chapter One, verse 5 and 6 --
    beyond anything I can do --                                   
        WISDOM FOR ALL WHO ASK GOD.  Isaiah 55.

Repeat Verse 1       (Joy-filled  tempo)

SPOKEN :    Psalm 103: 1.  Bless the LORD, O my soul:  and all that is within me,  bless  His holy name!

Psalm 145:21.  My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD:   and  let all flesh bless His holy name for ever and ever.
Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   A dear prayer partner and many-years-long friend,  Pastor K, had a piano tuning appointment in a town less than half an hour from mine.  We decided to meet for lunch in that town after he finished the tuning.    I went early to the church where he was working, in case he finished early.  I love “alone time” with God.  I  just sat in the open cargo door of my van with my guitar and journal,  praying and asking God for “some song.”
         This song “happened” -- God's guidance -- and was complete in 15 minutes,  music as well as the words. 
I started practicing music and lyrics, making a few wording changes because a few of my original words had too many syllables to be clear when I sang.  (Clarity of God's Words  is always my highest priority,  far above music skill itself).
         As I played,  a car drove into the parking spot beside mine, with one empty space between.  An elderly gentleman just continued sitting behind the steering wheel, perhaps waiting for someone at church himself, I thought.  I continued practicing,  having the song “complete” by then.  Then I played the 3 verses again.
          When I finished and set aside my guitar to write a couple more notes,  the gentleman jokingly asked, “Where's your gig?”  I smiled and said “Well, I used to play at the church down the street,  but I don't have any gigs now!” 
          He paused a moment, reached down, then put a hand out with his business card -- I thought.  I reached for it, realized it was two $5 bills,  and said --- “OH -- no thanks, that's OK!”  He dropped the bills out his window and said “That's for you”  and drove off.  I picked them up, sat back on the van edge, and was laughing and laughing-praying thanks to God when my friend came out a few minutes later.
         For I was yet once again heart-broken to have left a band where I loved serving LORD God, where I would continue to worship but  knew God was leading me to stop playing for His reasons.  And this was like God's COMFORT  to me ... and our mutual joking!   (P.S.,  I gave the $10 to someone else    who really needed not just the $$   but also the Word that
God cares for her
    and comforts her in her sorrow at her husband's death.

©2013 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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