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Jack In The Box NOT, by DianaDee Osborne


ALBUM:      Amazing  Hope 'n' Humor   
Song location  http://DianaDeeOsborneSongs.com/Songs-2008-2012.php
Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   
              TWO YEARS.  Most of God’s song gifts to the world through DianaDee were written quickly, within a month if not within a few days.  This song was NOT.  (Get the pun… from the title?  I just did as I typed it!
              Valley Worship and Praise Studios recorded  Part 1 for me back in 2009…. but I just couldn’t figure out where I wanted the song to go, where God was leading me to go. 
              Then in mid-2010, I became intrigued with some drum tracks in 7/4 time.  I had no plan to use them… they were just music toys I was playing with in my head.  But suddenly I thought of this shelved song (another pun… I’m not that funny, so is this God’s sense of humor I wonder??!)
           I took the background “I AM God” track ideas, switched it to 7/4, and all the music suddenly fell into a place that I loved.  By now I had a home studio in addition to the two production studios, and the original VwP producer, Claxton Wilson, added the funny-weird Part One  toy sounds.  God guided me to the odd Part Two grunge sounds---- ending with the first-ever-done  sweet flute trill God helped me learn to create on a controller.
             Music that seems to truly cry out:

Jesus has done so much for us.  
How can we -- especially those of us who call ourselves by His Name, treat Jesus so casually, so often even worse 
than we treat our human friends??

Dedicated to our HOLY Almighty God, 4 April 2009,
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PART 1 (Narrator:)
Children love Jack-in-the-Box.
Turn a crank and out Jack  pops.
            Turn it while you want to play.
                    Then just put Jack’s box away.
People want “God in a Box.”
    Pray some words and get results.

          Go to church for extra points.
                   Think God  must then give  your wants.

      But this is what   God's   Words say            
        when we try to pray this way:                   

PART 2 (God)   HARD ROCK FOUNDATION [repeats over and over]
I AM God--- 

I AM God---

I AM God--- ___ I’m NOT Jack. __
You can’t pray, then “put me back.” __
If you _dare to think that,
you sure do not _ know jack.

What kind of people are we? 
  Trying to  shove  God  on  some   shelf  ?      
Planning to just forget He's there 

            we once more 
                  want His HELP?
©2009 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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