Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Choose Your Choice, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing  Grace 'n'  Tears   
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   
        A humorous COUNTRY song.  If you knew me, you'd see the GREAT  humor  of God giving ME a Country song!  The third verse of this song is the very first original song piece God gifted to me, after only the arrangement of AMAZING GRACE BLUES.  Here is its great story:
         Just before leaving for the 2007 ALIVE music festival,  I  received an inconclusive but very bad medical test result.  As in,   this could be my last festival year.   While just praising God through all the marvelous music concerts and finding soul-filling words about and from God through the excellent speakers, I still had plenty of time to think about my life and to pray....
          But pray about what?  I honestly could not figure out   whether I should pray for healing.  After all, I had told God my life was my gift to Him... and often God is better able to use problems and sorrows to reach other persons.
         As I wrote in my journal while waiting for another concert to start, writing my prayers as I prayed them,  I found myself writing these words:  

"I don't know WHAT to pray.  
Romans 8:26 -- God says to just ask His Holy Spirit 
for help &  He will do the praying for us.  
So here it is God -- 
I don't know what to choose.  
So You choose.  
                         I  choose  YOUR  choice."  
    And I missed watching half the concert as I eagerly wrote out the words of the third verse of I CHOOSE YOUR CHOICE that immediately came to mind, and then sketched in the other two verses.  I never once have regretted choosing God's choice.  Though I do praise and thank Him that 
        a later repeat of the test puzzled the doctors... 
                they couldn't find anything wrong                                                                       
Dedicated to our Lord, with DEEP thanks June 2007*
                                    *FIRST ORIGINAL SONG GIFT FROM GOD
                                             (After Amazing Grace Blues)


I wanted fame and fortune and to dine out really well.
In- stead I’m lucky when I can afford Tostado Bell.
I don’t need a Mercedes Benz--- a Cadillac will do.
Instead I’ve got a no-name car that’s held in place with glue, or so
it seems. 

Lord, help me see – help me to see real clear
what I could be if I would choose Your will.......

I choose to be real rich and share, I choose to be dirt poor.
I choose to have it all, or none. I choose to want You more
than anything. I choose Your choice.    

I wanted popularity so I got lots of "friends."
But all their time demands on me seemingly never ends.
And when I need to talk about some shameful thing I've done,
I look at all my friends and fear I can't trust even one, and maybe You? 

Lord, help me see – help me to see real clear
You died for me so I can choose Your will.......
Lord, help me see – help me to see real clear
what I can be if I WILL choose Your will....... .

I choose to be real popular, I choose to be a "nerd."
I choose to love the hate-rs, too. I choose to want Your Word
to rule my life. I choose Your choice.

I prayed to preach to hundreds but the class I teach has few.
Rejection slips prove no one wants to read my words of You.
I prayed to write great worship songs, but no one ever hears.
I've struggled, Lord, to prove my love for You, now years and years.
I've yearned to serve, but lost my nerve-- Are You ignoring me?
That “Not my will but Yours” line, Lord,
has been so hard for me – But You....
came through! Please help me to(o). 

Lord, help me see – help me to see real clear: 
You died for me so I can choose Your will.......
Lord, help me see – help me to see real clear
what I can be when I do choose Your will.......

I choose to be available, and I choose to do "whatever."
I choose to do “whenever”, Lord. and I choose to do “never
if You want. I choose Your “want.” 

And now I see. I really see so clear
You died for me, ‘cause You love even me.
And I love You and so I choose Your choice.
in  all   I do. I love You too -----  Je- sus. ---------
©2010 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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