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Warrior Churches (song), by DianaDee Osborne

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Song Story: 
When's the last time you heard a sermon about  Diotrephes?  
Probably never. We NEED to hear about Diotrephesian 
churches that BICKER and argue to have their own way IN CHURCH.
            Check out what GOD said about Diotrephes to warn ALL of us 2,100 years later..... the book of Third John, Chapter 1, verses 8 to 10.  God through Paul calls him a “MALICIOUS” CHURCH MEMBER “who loves to have preeminence among them...”   The church shepherd (pastor) didn't yet have the lead that God had entrusted to him in that church family ...

        Most sermons about the end of Ephesians 6 concern us as individuals praying for God's help in spiritual battles.  However, the chapter divisions are like helpful bookmarks, but not significant subject dividers.... Paul did not create them.
          This entire book repeatedly refers to The Church, the Body of Christ.  Yes, we can apply it to our own lives at home.  Yes, it does show us how to pray for God's protection.  But it's also directions for the CHURCH people as a group.  God through Paul is telling the entire CHURCH BODY to work and  pray   together  as
united --  not  unTied  --

Church  Warriors  for   God's Truth and Gospel
against God's very real enemy, Satan.
Dedicated to God, who calls churches that bicker "BABIES".   22 April 2011

“Worship Wars” is the phrase 

     used to describe how churches argue
about how, about when, to worship our Great King of Kings.
Matthew 16: 18's the first place where God says the word CHURCH,
and He says HELL there,  

              Warns Church to prepare...
Jesus warned,    “Beware, you Church!”

Some want red, some want blue, choir robes to sing praise to Jesus.
Some want old songs, some want new   to sing praises to Jesus.
Ephesians 4, God warns us, to UNITE with Truth and LOVE,
all knit together as one whole Body.
Ephesians 4:16,     a   “CHURCH”!

VERSE 3   = the Counter-singing part  below, which is sung again through 4 and 5.
 Group 1:                         Group 2:
I want red robes.                I want blue robes.
I want old songs.                I want new __
I want church early!            NO! I want   late   church!
            I want things    __ done  my.... way.
           I am smart,       I know what's  best.
           Would you please     give  me respect?
                   I want things     MY  way.
                  I know the     RIGHT  way.

   If I don't get ... my ... way,  ...I'll leave!   

God calls us as one Church to pray His Ephesians 6 Words.
WARRIOR CHURCH, fighting Night:
    CHOOSE to put on ARMOR of Light.
Pray for God's Truth, for that belt.
Pray for God's faith shield against hell.
Put on righteousness.
Shod your feet with peace.
God warns, UNITE in prayer, Church!  Fight hell!
God calls us, WARRIOR CHURCH, 

 to STAND against hell  PRAYING  His Words.
Make your battles against hell,  not in church walls against yourselves.
Ephesians 4, God warned us to unite with Truth and LOVE.
Put on salvation.
Raise high God's Sword, His Word.    

Ephesians 6:15,    PRAY!  Fight hell !  
©2011 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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