Monday, December 10, 2012

Psalm 30 Uplifting, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing Psalms 'n' Promises  
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A lively musical quotation of the Psalmist's praise to 
LORD GOD in Psalm 30.
Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:  This entire story is my journal entry for 7 February 2011:
'This is so cool!    First God gave me the full music, in minutes, which I entitled “Untitled 2-2-2011” when I recorded its entire piano track in my home studio.

Two days later, I took the piano track to Valley Worship & Praise Studio, and Claxton needed a “real” title. I just flipped through my journal -- which I'd started only 23 days earlier for this one, so had only 80 pages to search for lyrics. I noticed that my sketched concept for a song based on Psalm 30 was pretty close in 4/4 time and its beat, so I gave Claxton that as a title plus the psalmist's key word, “Uplifting.” He added drum tracks and gave me the draft file to take home and work with.

Two mornings later, I could not sleep, so I took my New KJV Bible and simply “filled in the grid” of its words as I listened to my draft music. God's Words fell easily into the beat. The recorded song, completed and on the World Wide Web a few days later, is the FIRST DRAFT.

You know that's more evidence of God! -- all those words!   I'd been praying fervently that God could use me to bring His Word back to a form easy for people to remember by singing.... as the Psalmist David did. I humbly, deeply thank Him for this song gift to you through me.     
Dedicated to God Who lifts us up!, 7 February 2011

I will extol You, LORD, for You lifted
me up above my Sorrow Seas.                                        (Reference to one of earliest
I deeply praise You, for You have not let                              DiDoReflections songs,
my foes rejoice over me!                                                ABOVE MY SORROW SEAS)
I cried to You, LORD, and You healed me.
You brought my soul up from the grave.
         You kept me above that I should not go
         down to the pit. I LIFT Your praise!

Your words through David in Psalm 30
lift my heart up above Sorrow Seas!
I thank and praise Your Holy Name, LORD.
Psalm 30: Verse 4 -- I LIFT Your praise!
Your anger is for just a moment.
I ask forgiveness, and You give grace.
         My weeping my last through the night, but
        You, LORD bring joy in the morning!

Though You LORD lifted me with prosperity,
still I refuse to move from You!
You are my LORD and by Your favor,
You lift my mountain so I stand strong!
I lifted my voice and cried to You, LORD,
when in those dark times, I could not see.
I prayed, “God save me from this pit, so
I can lift Your praise, and say Your Truth!”


Psalm 30 tells us God shall lift us.
He'll turn our sorrows into dancing!
God raises us up when we praise Him.
We lift our praise to You, LORD!

©2011 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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