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Above My Sorrow Sea, by DianaDee Osborne


ALBUM:      Amazing Grace 'n' Tears
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:
          ABOVE MY SORROW SEA  was the   first song I      “really” wrote.  I'd prayed daily since June 2006 to serve God writing songs, but wrote only the “Amazing Grace Blues” arrangement in 2007 and “I Choose Your Choice” in 2008.... plus the boring first half of “Nothing and Everything.”  (See that song story!)  After a 9 month completely 'dry spell that simply proves these songs are from God and not some “dianadee talent”......

    On the third day after something agonizing had happened, I was praying in the chair yet again,  generally looking upward... when suddenly I really focused on the poster I had on the wall in front of me.  It was the cover of SONIC FLOOD's original (silver) CD cover, with hands desperately raised upward out of deep, dark water.  

      Months before,  I had written on this poster these first words from Psalm 124 and the prayer lines that have meant so much to me from JARS OF CLAY's first ("the blue") CD, Track 8 --- "Flood" :   "Lift me up -- I need You to hold me.  Lift me up -- keep me from drowning again." 

      I grabbed my journal and wrote this song in 20 minutes.  The melody took longer... about 30 minutes.  

The resurrection of my hope on that significant, turning point 3rd day has been a gift from God that amazes me, that fills me with joy... and with humbleness to have been so honored.

AND IT'S A JOY TO ME  to be USED by our LORD God
to share with YOU --- 
      There  **** IS ***** HOPE  from our        
  loving God  above  YOUR   Sorrow Sea .

Dedicated to OUR  LORD GOD who -- for some amazing reason -- LOVES each of us.  No matter what we've done..... John 3: SEVENTEEN as well as 16. No Condemnation.
Second Peter 3:8-9 -- yearning to live forever with ALL of us, if we'll just choose Him...

LYRICS  -- Psalm 147 and 124,  quoted
If You were not with Me,  LORD,..............
ABOVE MY SORROW SEA      © 2008 DianaDee Osborne page  of 1
Psalm  124  and 147  quoted....

If You were not beside me,
If You did not keep Your promise,
I would drown.... in sorrow.                REPEAT

But You, LORD,   DO keep Your promise!        
And You're always beside me,                               
lifting me above the waters of   My Sorrow Sea.    


You heal  all the broken-hearted,
You bind up our gaping wounds.
You find pleasure in our worship and give
HOPE,  strength and Peace.           
AND   You, LORD,   DO keep Your promise!       
And You're always beside me,                              
lifting me above the waters of   My Sorrow Sea.


"If it had not been the Lord who was on our side... 
the waters would have overwhelmed us, The 
stream would have gone over our soul; 
then the swollen waters would have gone over our soul.
Blessed be the Lord... 
Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”
                                             -- from Psalm 124 

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