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Something From Nothing (2 Maccabees song), by DianaDee Osborne

2 Maccabees 7 

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NOTICE THAT THIS STORY IS POSTED RIGHT AFTER "WHO TAUGHT BUTTERFLIES."  They are QUITE related to each other.  SINCE the LORD Creator God can teach butterflies, He CAN.....

Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:
          I came across a mention of this story in Christopher Morse's NOT EVERY SPIRIT (page 209), and the story of the mother just touched me.  It led me to wondering how Mary felt as she watched her son Jesus die.
         Of course Jesus needed no reminder either of Who God is, nor that God always can “pull a Romans 8:28" good thing out of even the worst evil. But this just seemed like a good story to share through songs, history I'd never heard in church.

        I looked up the original scriptures... in English that is:)   ...  and ---
Within 37 minutes  --I timed it-- God had led me to not only get the story to easily fall into place as four verses in 4/4 timing, 
but to also create what I still think is a weird Bridge.  
A memory perhaps from high school days, when I 
loved Latin, and college days when the closest church for students 
without transportation was a Dominican church with beautiful chanted worship... 
  God pulled the pieces together                           
        into this song message from Him for  you.   

Dedicated to THE Creator God 2 April 2011

1   (Mother to Son for each verse)
"I beg you, look at the heavens. 
Look at earth and all the seas.
Ev'rything you set your eyes on once DID NOT EXIST, did not   'Be.'
Then God, Mighty God, said "Let there BE."
    Second Maccabees 7.
Bridge                          Creatio ex niholo   =  Latin for  “creation from nothing”
Creatio ex niholo..... God created ALL from Nothing.
Creatio ex niholo....  Choose Jesus LORD For 

                                         He made you Something.
2 (mother)
I beg you, look at the people, ev'ry race, color, mind and size.
Ev'ry person you set your eyes on was made by the   

        God Who made the skies......           
Then God, Mighty God, said "Let there BE."
    Psalm One Hundred Thirty-Nine.                     Psalm 139

3 (mother ... first line quote is from Maccabees)
I beg you, “don't look at sorrows. 
Look at God Who made all this Earth.”
Look at Jesus Who gladly died on a Cross with
LOVE saying you are worth all cost!  Jesus,
God's mighty Son said, "COME, you are SOMETHING

             to   ME."
    Romans 5, verse 8.

4  (mother for first line)
I beg you, don't fear your dying. 
Jesus will save you, see Romans 10. The
same God Who made all these heavens HAS the
power to raise Jesus and you from the dead.

Just accept Jesus as Lord, You are SOMETHING to Him! 
Romans 10, verse 9.

    Creatio ex niholo..... God created ALL from Nothing.
    Creatio ex niholo....  Choose Jesus LORD.....

                                         For He made you Something.
Romans 1: verses 19 and 20:    “ What may be known of God is manifest in [nature]
for God has shown it to [us].  For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are CLEARLY seen,    being understood by the things that are made, 
even His eternal power and Godhead, so that we are without excuse 
[if we do not believe in God] --Romans 1: 19 - 20 New KJV, changing pronouns.

Historical Background:  
The source of this song is from the Apocrypha, the  Second Book of Maccabees, Chapter 7  verses  28 and 29. A mother is reassuring her son who is about to be martyred that  
YES, God  WILL keep His promise to take care of this young man through his dying. 
    Jesus was not born until about 100 years later,   but with Him, He brought God's fantastic promises of a life with God after death to ALL who choose Jesus as their Lord and Savior,        
     JESUS says: John chapters 14 to 17,    Romans 10:9.

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