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Choose Your Blessings, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing  JOY  'n'  Choices   
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:    
         There are some really weird piano note  timings at the end of verses in this piece..... and they're sort of accidental.  When I checked all the timing of 8th and quarter notes by the process of “quantizing” in my home studio,  this is what happened.  And I liked them, so kept them.  This has happened before.... I often think the Creative Holy Spirit has an amusing sense of humor.
Song Story:  THE  LYRICS:   
       Intriguingly, as I was typing these lyrics onto this web page, Creflo Dollar was preaching in the sermon that my TV was playing in the background that "NOTHING can be accomplished without the anointing... the anointing removes the burden, the yoke around your neck" (Isaiah 10: 27 referencing blessings that keep yokes from fitting any more). 
      This song is the direct result of fervent prayers to God for wisdom as I needed to decide whether to accept one of the excellent jobs being offered to me as possible great blessings that would meet many needs.... but that would take 45 hours a week away from my time to serve our Lord developing His great song gifts.  Creflo Dollar added,

    “The anointing is given for a mission, for a purpose… if you’re not doing anything, you don’t need God’s anointing, you won’t RECEIVE God’s anointing, which is for mission, for service.” 
Dedicated to Our Amazing God, 5 July 2011

Jesus would've been richer if He'd stayed home in His shop._ _   His
carpentry work was surely real good, as the Son of God. _ _ The
rich men would have come to Jesus for furniture.... and paid lots.
Suppose Jesus had decided to earn riches,
     and have less time teaching us of God's love?
Suppose Jesus chose a happy life here on earth
     instead of time to warn us of HELL?
Jesus would've been popular if he stayed in Nazareth.
A very kind man who listened real good  would've been popular.
He could have been just normal and not talked about ___ God so much.
Suppose Jesus spent his time earning riches,
     instead of saving us on that Cross?
Suppose Jesus chose God's blessings that used time  that
     He then did NOT have,     to teach us of God's love?

Jesus offers YOU many blessings, but  sometimes you must choose--
How will you spend Life's limited hours -- working for God or for YOU?
The hours you spend on things for yourself are  NOT left ___ for God's work.
Suppose you choose God's good blessings that use time
     instead of showing people of God's LOVE?
Suppose you choose God's good blessings that use time
     that you then do NOT have to teach of God?


COLOSSIANS 4:  4    Walk in wisdom, REDEEMING THE TIME.
MARK  16:  13        You can't serve two masters.....
JOSHUA 24:  15    CHOOSE THIS DAY Whom you will serve......

When you just don't know which possible blessing to choose,
Just pray James 1: 5, ask God's wisdom.
     But knowing that God answers... verse 6.
If you still don't know which possible blessing to choose,
ask which would you choose if you had six months
     left to live on this Earth---- CHOOSE YOUR BLESSINGS.
Jesus offers you many blessings, and promised if you choose the
blessings that don't bring lots of money, God still provides food and
ALL you need, see Matthew 6: 33 promises -- God meets needs.
Suppose all we Christians chose the blessings
     that told more people about God's LOVE?
Suppose we told God we'd rather have LESS   blessings
     if that saved more people from HELL ????????

Always we must wait with trust, Psalm 46, verse 10.
God might check our faithfulness in little things
     before opening great blessings.
When God gives anointing, He often will wait awhile---
that's what Jesus showed us, Matthew 25 --
        before pouring out great blessings.
©2011 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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