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Impercipient (song quoting Thomas Hardy), by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing  BIG GOD 'n' Big Words   
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Song Story:  PRAYING FOR -- and not "GETTING":   
God repeatedly says we have to take action 
and seek before we will find......  
But sometimes we need to mature in our 
thoughts & experiences & humbleness first.    --DianaDee
        As a college student, I saw others' faith,  and      

                          “I wanted that.”                     
                They said, “Just pray.”    I prayed.                 
                        Then read many books.                        
                      Then talked to Christians.                      
Prayed more.  NOTHING.      Did not seem to be a God hearing me..... and yet I continued to simply "know" God is.  

           Finding Mark 9:24 was a lightbulb moment.  Here's some guy ADMITTING to Jesus that he had doubts, but Jesus didn't zap him, make fun or him, condemn or even just ignore him.  Jesus just RESPECTED THE SEEKING and answered his request for healing    – despite the doubts.  _____  God did answer my prayer for help in believing.... ages later.  Over the years He has repeatedly proven He loves me and respects my free will to doubt.  But there has been one huge boulder in this faith walk:  

           WHY did God wait so long to answer my fervent, often desperation-infused prayers to believe in Him?  During that silent period, I wandered into occult things.  Two possible answers to this Boulder: 

(1) I have been able to share with youth from personal experience the dangers of the occult;  and 
(2) without that long period of silence, of seeking but not finding God, I would not have been “qualified” to write this song with this conclusion:  
         God repeatedly says we have to take action and SEEK before we will find...  Easter eggs stay in the grass clumps if we don't go seek them.  AND God repeatedly says... and has shown... that all who seek Him WILL  find Him.  But sometimes we need to mature in our thoughts and experiences and humbleness first.      --DianaDee
Song Story:  THE  LYRICS:   
Written with a dear, dear, kind person in mind.  We ALL who know God's peace and joy (Galatians 5 end)  most likely have a dear, dear, kind person we yearn to find God's Joy.

“...Those who know Your name will put their trust in You;
For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.”  -- Psalm 9:10

IMPERCIPIENT:   Lacking perception or understanding, sometimes because apathetic or unobservant, but sometimes because simply unknowing or unaware). 

excerpt from:  Thomas Hardy 1840-1928,  “The Impercipient”  (poem)
Thomas Hardy wrote these words that fit my heart's big dent,
with his poem titled by this word:  “IMPERCIPIENT.”
He watched joy-filled people pray and claim their God was real.
Logic did not see the sense of “mysteries revealed”.
So he wrote down these big words that mean so much to me.
People hear what I'll  share -- but

I'm NOT   who they can see.

BRIDGE  (poem excerpt from Thomas Hardy's “Impercipient”)  [ quote ]

“That with this bright believing band, I have no claim to be.
That faith by which my comrades stand seems fantasies to me.
And mirage mist, their Shining land, is a strange destiny.” [end quote]

I've thought Thomas Hardy's thoughts and felt left far behind.
I have yearned and prayed for faith,   

                   have sought but did not find.
Would God say, “Be gone, you blew it!”  and then throw me out?
Even now there still are nights when SIGHT  says “You SHOULD doubt.”
Jesus was a real man, even history books have said.
Surely then He understands the           

             struggles in my head.      

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BRIDGE                                              
Comfort from Mark 9, verse 24's prayer soothes my mind:
Even if my mind doubts God and just can't see “this time.”
Jesus heard that man admit that 

                             he just was not sure   that
Jesus was the Son of God who could show God would cure.
Jesus did not 'zap' the man, 

but answered his deep prayer.
           More than simple words have done, 

           this shows me God DOES CARE!    
People hear what Bibles share, but 

            GOD'S MORE THAN WE SEE.      
His lifestyle showed, “No matter what,   

            God seeks to be with ME! ”
©2009 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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