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Third of Despair and Hope, by DianaDee Osborne

ALBUM:      Amazing  Peace 'n' Passion   
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Song Story:  THE  MUSIC:   
     The key change between verses was an "accident."  This is one of my first songs recorded at Valley Worship & Praise, and I was unfamiliar with the controller board.  I was supposed to hit the button for changing to an octave higher for the piano track.  SOMEHOW... I still don't know how except a "GOD-how"... I hit the button twice in 2 ways, adding the octave I expected but also transposing not 1 but  2  steps up.  We had already done all the other tracks before I finally figured out the cause of my confusion when my bass-playing didn't match the music for the second page.  So I kept the key change -- I quite frequently keep "mistakes" in my music thinking that perhaps they are God's guidance.
            And QUITE often, statistically more often than is human math, we later realize that the mistakes improve the song.
           The key change adds drama to the song that ** I ** didn't think of.  It's God!
Song Story:  THE  LYRICS:   
This is the true story behind how God started "my"  DiDoReflections ministry of music:
       God  used a story of snowballing horrible church events 

that caused me to have much heart-wrenching deep sorrow .... I even began joking with God that my tears at the altar might grow mildew under the carpet (see song "Broken & Healed Prayer")
into God's  music ministry through me that potentially could bring the MIRACLE STORY of God's yet-again-proven loving (living) 
FAITHFUL-NESS and HOPE to people around His World.

        This story contains too many coincidences to be mere coincidence... And in your life also, 

may you see God's miraculous workings to show You His love, to remind you of Jeremiah 29: 11-14.... He does have a great plan for you.  May the songs on  remind you of Romans 8:28 -- No matter what people and events do to you, God can weave that into the HOPE He has promised to you.
      May the many God-incidences reflected in this song also remind you ------
    God will answer YOU in the time of YOUR despair.  In life,  there will sometimes be sorrow, as Jesus Himself sorrowed -- for example, see Luke 22:44.  But 

with our loving God of HOPE,  
there is NEVER cause for despair amidst the sadnesses of life.
      You just need to humbly and respectfully ask God,   Who has already invited you:          Psalm 145:18 's   PROMISE   from God:  

“The LORD is near to  ALL   who call upon Him,
           To  ALL   who call upon Him in truth.”
Dedicated to our Strengthening God, 24 Jan 2010
1                              [7 March 2008]
It happened on the seventh... and ON THE THIRD DAY, God
sent to me a “man of God” who guided me and prayed.  A
man I had not seen for years but trusted with my life.  A
    man God knew I could turn to......... to survive...... this deep strife.
It happened in one March... and ON THE THIRD DAY,  God
opened a flood gate of songs to comfort Those Who seek.  A
flood to help them know God lifts us “Above Sorrow Sea”s!  A
    flood of HOPE-filled words from God.......  to survive...... this deep strife.
It happened in one March,  and IN THE THIRD MONTH,  I
yearned to serve God with His songs, but was completely stumped.  And
then God sent a web site pro to create this great site,
    Three months after heartbreak started..... 

               God brought the World....  songs of Light.
The third of three months   since heart break first began,  that
December God sent me a recording studio man,  a
God gifted man who loved God and as his ministry,  chose
    to serve God by recording.... God's songs of HOPE..... HOPE for You.
It happened on Good Friday, Jesus died upon that cross.  For
3 days, those who loved Him sorrowed,  grieving for their loss.  But
then Jesus arose again, victorious over the grave!  

Three  days after heartbreak started.... 
      Jesus proved God ..... does give HOPE.
No matter what your sorrow,          

       Jesus offers you His hope.       
John  Chapter 14, Chapter 15,      
                               and 16 give hope.  
Jesus said seek and you'll find. __ 

I'm here!  Just call to Me.  Choose  to believe  
       Jesus loves you..... and turns despair... into HOPE.

Supporting Scriptures:
Lazarus died but Jesus brought back life “on the third day.” 
Jesus died but returned HOPE to the world “on the third day.”

Whatever YOUR sorrow,  
       God will in your right   “third day” bring good out of it...
Romans 8:28.     CLICK HERE   for entire section about God's HOPE

And in the meanwhile, He immediately offers you PEACE.
     --John 14: 15 to 19

Check out some AMAZING verses about THIRD DAY -- including Hosea 6:2 prophecy:
starting with verse 1:   Come, and let us return to the LORD; 
for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up.
After two days He will revive us; 
On the third day He will raise us up
       that we may live in His sight.  

  "oh  my  God...."  and this is a prayer of amazement,  not a careless phrase! 
©2010, 2013 DianaDee Osborne (all material), all rights reserved.  FREE personal usage; see website

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